Are you noticing more cars with California plates in Orlando?  I sure am.  10 years ago you NEVER saw California licensed cars...why now?


Over the past year, I've had 4 gay couples from San Francisco contact me about relocating, and 3 actually did. They all have the same story: housing prices are too high and San Francisco is beginning to lose its gay "je n'ais se quoi" due to high tech implants with silicon valley deep pockets.


But why Orlando?


Whether it's gay dating or the place millennials want to live or where LGBT seniors want to retire or the 100% ranking by HRC or the most recent "Queerest Cities In America" ranking by Advocate conducted in 2017, Orlando ranks in the top 10 nationally on all these measures.


It also has something its competitors don't:  Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, affordable real estate, no state income tax and fabulous weather. 


Thinking of relocating? I'm here to help!