Boring! Is Lake Nona Phase 1 More Sterile Than Neighboring Hospitals?

Where is the design, where is the interesting and thoughtful plans to integrate Downtown Lake Nona with the area neighborhoods?  Glass and steel blocks hold as much aesthetic interest as the local office park.  Who wants to sit outside that while savoring the bouquet from a vintage bottle of wine?

Isn't the vision of Lake Nona supposed to be all about GREEN LIVING, where the bike can supplement the car and people can take an easy stroll to the local restaurant or shop? Yet that image of nature and peacefulnees is completely contrasted with the eyesore currently under construction and marketed as "Downtown."  Downtown where? Tulsa?

Why reinvent the wheel? Plenty of successful examples abound on how to create a welcoming, new urban type experience where locals and visitors go have dinner, shop, then stop for a glass, or two, of wine.  

Stop. Save the money, stop construction and petition for liquor licenses for the VA and Nemours, because that's about the same ambiance you are currently creating across the street.