While previewing properties for out of state buyers, I began to wonder if we (collective we) have different standards for city neighborhoods VS suburban ones?  For example, when describing neighborhood aesthetics, what comes to mind when you see old landscaping, faded paint and algea stained shingles? 

In the city, when you find an older house on a street made of cobble stones surrounded by towering live oak trees, do you expect to find some of the housing characteristics I mentioned above?  Does an old porch swing look more inviting and comfortable when the porch needs a little re-painting?  Is this charming?

Now you are in the suburbs.  What do you think when you see the same things I mentioned above: algae stained shingles, faded paint on the houses, old landscaping, etc?  Somehow, these same things cause another reaction in the suburban setting, don’t they? 

Is it because the suburbs have always been thought of as new, and because of this mindset, any deviation from that perception sparks another reaction?  Instead of charming and comfortable, the suburban porch looks tired and menacing? 

What do you think?

Kelly Johnson
Broker Associate