How Not To Sell A House: Lake Nona & Greater Orlando

It's never good for the seller when people leave your house wondering WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!!  If you want to sell within a reasonable amount of time and for a fair price, you have to do some homework.  Your home will not command strong offers if you don't recognize its weaknesses.  Below is a list of the top violators when people sell.

  • curb appeal: power wash the house and driveway, trim bushes & trees, replace dead stuff, paint the front door, oil door hinges, detail the lawn and cut the grass.
  • depersonalize: buyers can't take "emotional possession" with all of your family photo's plastered everywhere!  Put them away.
  • declutter: pack away the nick nacks, edit the garage, closets and cupboards...people are purchasing square footage, so make the house feel like you are not pinched for space.
  • home repairs: squeaky doors, leaky faucets, lights that don't work all suggest that you don't fix anything when it's broken...NOT THE RIGHT MESSAGE TO CONVEY!  Fix this minor stuff before you let buyers in the door.
  • pets: cats and dogs and all other creatures need to be caged or removed for showings.
  • clean: clean everything and put dirty laundry away!  Get rid of pet smells and kitchen smells!
  • prioritize: if funds are limited for updating, focus on the kitchen first.  Change cabinet hardware, paint cabinets if they look old or from the Brady Bunch Era, install new granite or formica, appliances MUST MATCH, change lighting and kitchen faucet.  Bathroom(s) second: vanity, mirror, lighting, bath plumbing fixtures, shower curtain, paint.
  • avoid controversy: the picture you have with a political leader might offend 50% of buyers...put it away.  Controversial pictures of religious leaders and clerics need to be put away.  Shrines, alters and temples need to be scaled back or temporarily removed.  You want people looking at your house and not judging or questioning the house because of the things within it...they only act as a distraction and hurt the sale.
  • pricing: don't overprice.  Buyers are saavy and can locate any bit of information about your house realistic.

Good Luck!!!

Kelly Johnson
Broker Associate
AmeriTeam Realty