Is A Gated Community Significantly Safer or Better? 

Buyers always ask if gated communities are safer & better than non-gated, and they usually ask right after someone tailgates us through the gate after I enter the gate code.

"There's your answer...that guy just followed us through the gate!"

Personally, I think they offer a false sense of security precisely because what was mentioned above; consider the endless possibilities of who knows the code for the system: the pizza delivery guy, cable guy, lawn and pool service people and scores of teenagers who all have the code, and once it's out there, it's essentially like having no gate at all.  

The only type of gated community I'd ever consider has a 24/7 security guard at the gate who strictly monitors who is entering the community.  But even then, isn't it a bit naive thinking crime only happens outside the gate?  What about your neighbors, is every single person in your neighborhood honest?  I doubt it.

During our last HOA meeting, the community service officer serving my neighborhood (ungated) said we have the same amount of crime as the neighboring gated communities.  That was comforting on many levels, but even more so since my HOA dues run $30 dollars per month while the neighboring gated HOA's are $125.

In my opinion, there is really only one positive aspect the gated community has over the un-gated, and that is the blocking of solicitors, especially the door to door religion solicitors!