What Does Lake Nona & Lake Nona Area Mean?



Lake Nona house hunters have noticed a slight nuance when looking for houses online. They see descriptive language that says "Lake Nona" and "Lake Nona Area" and wonder the difference.

Tavistock Group trademarked Lake Nona. Their extensive land holdings and sub-divisions, which tend to be on the west side of Narcoossee Road and generally in the 32827 zip code, are marketed as Lake Nona.  A recently acquired and undeveloped parcel on the east side of Narcoossee in the 32832 is an exception.  There is another area south of the airport and west of Boggy Creek Road in the 32824 zip code that is owned by Tavistock Group and also marketed as "Lake Nona", but that area is far removed from the Nona vibe and schools.


The west side of Narcoossee Road from approx. 1/4 mile south of Dowden Road running past 417 but before Fells Landing and Boggy Creek Road...all of that is Tavistock owned.

The east side, which includes neighborhoods like La Vina, Nona Crest, East Park, Randal Park, Belle Vie, Stratford Pointe, Bella Nona, Northshore at Lake Hart and Eagle Creek are not controlled by Tavistock Group, which is why you'll likely see "Lake Nona Area" for these communities and others further east, yet all of these are within the Lake Nona High School District. 

This map shows the area.

Is there a huge difference between the two? That will need to be determined by you, but let me share this: A recent article in the Orlando Business Journal ranking the wealthiest 25 zip codes in the Orlando Area has "Lake Nona 32827" as 5th wealthiest and the "Lake Nona Area 32832" as 6th.