I received this information from my insurance agent regarding FEMA registration and how to obtain a blue tarp to protect your damaged roof. 

Here is the information on "Operation Blue Roof", in which the US Corp of Engineers will put a tarp on the roof, for free, to secure against further damage.  

I do not see where they have added Orange county, as of yet, which is crazy because the Orlando area is one of the highest claim number areas affected by Hurricane Irma!  You may want to call the main Florida office, located in Jacksonville (904-232-1231) to see if or when they will be adding the Orlando area.  The FEMA link above says they may be adding other counties in the future.
Also, you can register with FEMA for Disaster Assistance, and I know Orange county WAS included in the counties that can register.  You complete the application online, and they will contact you with information on what you qualify for.  I know some people have gotten assistance with loss of income, deductible assistance, hotel reimbursement etc.  They will contact you and let you know what grants or assistance you qualify for. Copy link below, for direct access to FEMA Disaster assistance.
Also, if you cant get your roof tarp through US Army Corp of Engineers, some of my clients have also used:



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